Mayan Baths – Subterranean Hot Springs in San Miguel de Allende

Hot Spring in San Miguel de Allende

Subterranean labyrinth of tunnels with arched brick ceilings, stone lined passageways, hand carved cantera stone columns, quartz crystal walled thermal water filled caves and tunnels, and an outdoor jacuzzi cascading into a large infinity pool.

Mayan symbolism is artistically featured throughout the underground. The Baths’ longest water filled passageway is precisely aligned with the winter solstice so that on  December 21st of each year, when the sun reaches its southern most position on the horizon, its rays shine straight down the tunnel reflecting off the quartz and crystal rock walls, casting an orange glow 150 feet deep into the back of the cave. This phenomenon of the sun setting down the tunnel lasts for almost 3 weeks on either side of December 21st conveniently coinciding with the winter high season holiday periods.

The feathered Mayan Vision Serpent, Kukulkan, messenger between their king and gods, is found at the end of one of the passageways rising as a plume of smoke from a simmering caldron. Fashioned of colored pebbles, the Mayan “Tree of Life” adorns the floor of our “Topo Loco” bar. Mayan glyphs carved in cantera stone border the doors and mirrors in the bath/dressing room, and the sink spigots are in the form of jaguar heads, the animal that protected shamans from evil spirits.

You can rent the space for events, weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthdays and more!


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